Your Soaka Bracelet

Please ensure that you visit the distribution centre with your QR code and ID to collect and activate your Soaka wristband. Once you have collected your Soaka wristband it is your ticket to enter all events on the Soaka Arts and Music Festival weekend. Ensure that your wristband is affixed properly to your right hand before proceeding to the event entrance. You are required to keep your Soaka wristband on for the duration of the weekend. Any wristbands that are tampered with will be voided and you will be refused entry.

Activate Your Soaka 2020 Bracelet

Have you purchased your ticket? Did you receive a QR code via email? There is one more step before your process is complete! Visit the distribution centre with your QR code and ID to collect and activate your Soaka Arts and Music Festival wristband…then let the festivities begin! Distribution centres open in January,2020, location TBA.

How to Wear Your Soaka Bracelet

Follow these simple steps to put on your wristband:

1. Carefully hold you wristband open

2. Insert your HAND through the wristband, and position it comfortably on your wrist.

3. Pull the tail through the plastic bead until only ONE FINGER can fit between the 4. wristband and your wrist.

4. DO NOT CUT the loose end!

5. Wristbands should not be cut, stretch or modified in any way. wOw Events reserves the right to void and confiscated if wristband is tampered with or removed.

Bracelet Terms & Conditions

Soaka Arts and Music Festival introduce the RFID-enabled wristbands to enhance your festival experience. Your wristband is your ticket to a quick entry into the festival events – with a quick tap of your wristband.

- Wristbands are not transferable.

- VERY IMPORTANT - Once on, wristbands cannot be loosened so please be mindful when locking the wristband into position.

- Your wristband is your access for all events on the weekend. Do NOT remove your wristband in between days.

- wOw Events reserves the right to refuse entry to persons with wristbands that have been tampered with or does not match photo on wristband.

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Need Support

Already purchased your festival pass and have a question or concern? Find out the official support channels available to you.

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At the Festival Gates

• Scan your wristband at the scanner, and wait for security to verify photo embedded in band and wave you through.

• If you have any trouble scanning your wristband, you will be directed to the customer service booth near the gate.

• Each wristband can be scanned into the event only once and NO RE-ENTRY is allowed.

• Do not remove your wristband until you have attended all events.

• Your wristband can be worn until Ash Wednesday to take advantage of all added value!

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